Lucy Cavendish College and Hughes Hall present

Paradise, Lost

Saturday, 11th June 2016



"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven"
- John Milton

On the night of 11th June 2016, Hughes and Lucy invite you to become immersed in a world of delight and destruction, decadence and debauchery, tranquility and chaos. Choose to rise or fall, in sweet innocence or furious lust. Transcend or descend; the decision is yours. Join us this May week and find your Paradise, Lost.

Amongst the age-old bitter rivalries between the Colleges of Cambridge, Lucy Cavendish and Hughes Hall stand out in their friendship. Lucy and Hughes only admit students over the age of 21, yet their students like to think of themselves not as 'mature', but just well-rehearsed in the art of having fun. Already coupled in sports such as rowing, this year, Hughes and Lucy take their relationship to the next level by bringing the students of Cambridge a joint June Ball to rival all others this May Week. After all, two Colleges are definitely better than one.


Early Bird Tickets: £75 First release: £85 Second release: £95

Tickets are now sold out!

We have now sent an email to all of our guests with further details regarding the tickets.

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Note that we do not resell or refund tickets. For ticket resales, we recommend Agora's marketplace or relevant Facebook groups. We are not affiliated with any of these and any purchase with them or other third parties is at your own risk. Name changes will incur a £10 fee per name if done no later than 25th May and a £25 fee after this date.


While planning a night to remember, we also aim to make a contribution to causes that matter. By purchasing a ticket to Come What May 2016, you will also be supporting ten excellent charities, both local and international, chosen and supported by RAG Cambridge:



Would you like to experience Hughes and Lucy's wonderful June Ball without spending a penny? We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic student workers to help out with various tasks during the night! Workers are essential in ensuring that Come What May becomes an unforgettable experience to all of its guests. In exchange for their committment, workers gain entrance and access to all of the attractions at the Ball during half of the night for free!

Applications are now closed.


Hughes Hall President
Natalie Rebeyev
Lucy Cavendish President
Maddy Surman
Lucy Cavendish Vice President
Rachael Reader
Finance Manager
Vicky Shukla
Entertainment Manager
Sarah Perry
Health, Safety & Logistics Manager
Laura Mason
Launch Officer
Veselina Petrova
Marketing Officer
Milind Pandit
Sponsorship Officer
Sophia Berry
Web development & IT Officer
Iulia Comsa
Health & Safety Officer
Jennifer Strtak
Logistics Officer
Marie Ducrepin
Drinks Officer
Julia Nielsen
Food Officer
Joelle Nadeau
Decorations Officers
Caitlin Harris & Charlotte Akers
Music Officer
Kai Schulze

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We are proud to be a self-funded, student-led event attended by hundreds of our mature students, as well as many others across the University. Lucy Cavendish and Hughes Hall are, relatively speaking, new to the Cambridge College scene, yet our progressive approach sets us aside from other Colleges. Lucy Cavendish is the only College in Europe for women aged over 21, whist Hughes Hall has a pioneering history of training in education. Our June Ball offers your company an exciting chance of exposure among a generation of future leaders educated at one of the world's finest educational establishments.

If you are interested in supporting us, please download our sponsorship brochure and contact our Sponsorship Officer at for more information.

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